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dotBundle Activation Code is a small-sized program whose main purpose is to aid you in compressing the libraries required by.NET applications you want to develop in one single executable. ... How to download and install dotBundle Crack? Attention! One of the main benefits of dotBundle is that you can avoid purchasing the.NET application that the CD should contain. However, this not the case. The whole meaning of dotBundle is to compress the.NET application, but it will not be possible to obtain one without paying a 100% charge. 1. Download dotBundle from Softpedia You must go to the official site and download the latest released version. You will be asked to download the ZIP archive file, which will include the.NET app as well. There will be a download button next to the text "Download", a dropdown menu and a Browse button as well. Click on the last one and decide whether you want to download the ZIP or the executable file. If you select the ZIP file, a pop-up window will appear, asking you to confirm the action. A progress bar is included in the upper part of the window, which means it should upload the file to the server within a few seconds. A small note must be mentioned regarding the ZIP file. If you have problems downloading it, please remember that your browser’s Security settings must allow you to open unknown websites from the chosen server. In case you have a problem with the file you just downloaded, it is possible you may have clicked on it somewhere else than the box marked Download. If this is the case, please check to see that the Download box was selected. 2. Install dotBundle Once you have downloaded dotBundle, open the file. An installer will appear in your web browser, but you must first click on the Finish button. A new folder will appear, in which you’ll find everything you just downloaded (in the form of a.ZIP file). Make sure you are in this folder by using the file manager in your web browser. Click on the Clean button, then on the Install button. The installation will take place, and you’ll be asked to confirm the action. When it’s done, you can proceed to the last step. 3. Run dotBundle Go to the Browse button and you will see a File Upload/Add option. Now choose it and click on the a5204a7ec7

dotBundle allows you to compress multiple DLLs in one executable file to reduce the amount of space they take up on your hard disk. dotBundle can pack resources - Add the resource to the input.NET assembly and it will be packaged into a DLL during compression. You can include native resources (.resx and.proj files) too. compress and encrypt - In the compressed executable, you can use the information from the password protection to encrypt your content. It also generates a password in a random fashion. copy attributes - Copy the "Attributed to" and "Assembly version" information from the source DLLs into the packed file. The executable will become a binary replacer if the destination file exists. load and loadculture - The program dynamically loads required assemblies without having to be packed first. You can even load the required culture. set expiration date and count - Set expiration dates and count-downs for your compressed assembly. The program can also estimate when it will be used for the first time. message when used up - If you package and compress a.NET executable without loading it first, it will do this: if the user opens the compressed executable for the first time, it will show a popup with a message that the packed EXE is about to expire. You can also set a custom popup message. hide output file - Only display the result of the current operation. set output path - You can set the output path for the compressed files. view original.NET assembly - View the original input file in the File List window. technical information: Version 1.6b Compiled on Windows 7 SP1 50 references GZip.NET Packager Limitations: One note about the limitations: the ZIP format can only package compressed data. It cannot package uncompressed data. Credit: Seth Blum, author of compression utility 7-Zip. Windows Installer Resource: License: No dotBundle License: LICENSE: You are free to use the contents of the binary file which you have downloaded from this site for


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